Your strategies. Turbo-charged.

QuantNow helps hedge funds and other financial institutions improve their productivity, and quickly translate fundamentals-based insights into quantitative strategies.

Why QuantNow?

Quickly validate ideas

Minimize the time it takes to go from 'I have an idea', to validating or invalidating that idea, to developing unique strategies.

Develop custom indicators

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to develop unique indices based on human insights and alternative data.

Explore data your way

SEC Filings, transcripts, consumer complaints data, you name it. Navigate, group, and monitor your data with ease. All in one place.

Stay disciplined

Over time, compose your factors into repeatable processes, so it's easier to collaborate with others and perform well under pressure.

QuantNow Beta

We're conducting pilots with a select group of firms. Apply here for early access, and we'll be in touch!

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